Monday, August 6, 2012

Roomie Reunion

What do you get when you put together 5 former college roommates, 4 babies, a 3 day lake trip and 2 condos? 1 really crazy weekend filled with diaper talks, laughing, crying, no sleep and wayyyyyy to many margaritas!

I’ve been friends with this group of girls for 10 years since meeting at brand new Kappa pledges at Texas A&M.  No matter how much time has passed, when we get together we still act like brand new Kappa pledges at Texas A&M.  Oh the shenanigans! 

Here’s a recap of the weekend from my friend Chelsea’s blog:

The Life We Love

First Annual IKPi Family Vacay

This weekend we took our first family trip! We went to Lake Conroe outside of Houston and met up with my college BFFs for the first annual "IKPi Family Vacation." 

The seven of us have been friends for TEN years now (!), and last summer sitting on the porch of Natalie's aunt's lake house, we decided it was high time for an annual family get together. 

We chose the first weekend of August as the official weekend and decided each year that's when it was, whoever could come would come. Otherwise it just gets too hard to coordinate schedules! This year Jill and Liz's families weren't able to make it, but everyone else was there. 

Nine adults. Four babies. Two smallish condos. Lots of diapers, pack & plays, baby monitors and margaritas! Ample time spent rehashing old stories, rocking babies, LAUGHING, feeding babies, watching the Olympics and playing with babies. 

There was a game of golf played by the guys and a game of 42 that went late into the night. There were baby bottles, half drank water bottles, the occasional empty beer bottle... wet pool towels, and singing, squeaking baby toys as far as the eye could see. What can I say? It's just the stage of life we're at.

The only thing lacking were space for all of our GEAR and sleep! Four babies on four different schedules make sleeping a little tricky. 

"Oh! It's you again."
Reunited and it feels so good!!!

Natalie and David brought a baby pool.

And the community pool was also frequented.

It goes without saying that Erin and I acted like.... well Erin and I.

Like we were going to show up without the horse heads! And thank goodness we didn't, otherwise how would we have posed with this amazing wolf statue?

 Morning walk
Feeding the ducks
"Giving kisses"

We were there from Thursday until Sunday. Each night after all the babies went to sleep we would eat dinner and talk and laugh, and try to remember to keep our voices down and David would blend margaritas outside on the patio so we didn't wake the sleeping babies. 
"Foiled again" was the caption I believe we thought up for this one. Ha.

Terrifying flying roaches.
And then there was that...

We tried our best to get a picture of all the babies together in their Aggie gear...

And that resulted in four of us clapping and dancing and making fools
 of ourselves singing "Oooh baby, baby... ooooh baby, baby" in unison (which we later realized may not be the most child friendly song we could have chosen).

And this is how the babies responded.
Their faces say it all. 

 "How you doin?"
Later that night we tried to take a "good group pic" with the adults, and somehow- we had basically the same result.

 Guess it's true what they say about apples and trees. Funny how that works!

What a fun, fun, FUN weekend! I am so blessed to have such a great group of friends that has stuck together. I love these people dearly!
We missed you Jill and Liz!!!!!

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