Thursday, August 20, 2015

Sister Goes to School!

This little nugget went to school for the first time today...

...with a backpack as big as her! Elsa, of course!

I am constantly reminded on how different my children are and today didn't disappoint! Yes, there were tears when she realized I wasn't staying with her but she apparently settled down after 5 minutes. It only took her brother the whole school year!

Other things that have changed since Cooper went to school... My true "I'm not a rookie" mom self has rounded into form. At drop off, there was a sweet gal in front of me dropping off what had to be her one and only. How do I know? She was crying big crocodile tears brought three members of her extended family to the drop off. Let's just say this is the true definition of feeling sympathy and not empathy. Come on lady, you're frightening the children! 

But, I digress...

After a short two hours (they ease them into it over the first few weeks) it was time to pick Sister up. She was a little weepy after seeing some of the other kids get picked up before her but was sure to let me know the highs and lows of her day.

Not two steps out of the classroom, she asked me: "Mommy, you sad or happy?"

Me: I'm happy! Are you sad or happy?

C: Sister sad. Sister crying.

Me: Did you have fun at school?

C: YEP! Play babies.

So there you have it! A first day for the record books with this sweet, crazy girl!