Monday, June 3, 2013


I am not one to be easily surprised. I’m a bit on the sneaky side, and I say sneaky because nosy and scheming sound too harsh when I say them out loud. But, this weekend I was totally blown away with my college girlfriends and their trickery! I shouldn’t be that surprised, they’re all pretty sneaky too!  We used to call each other “SB’s” in college…I’ll leave the interpretation to your imagination.

I had plans with my friend Jill to take our kids to the zoo on Saturday. I texted her Friday night to firm up plans only to find out she wanted to meet up way later than discussed. If you know me, you know my love of scheduling and planning…strike one, zoo plans!  The next morning, I woke up to see a picture of my friend Chelsea on Instagram, after dashing through the airport to catch a flight. I didn’t think anything of it.  After all, she had just called me the night before to see what my weekend plans were. SB.

The next morning, Jill was “running late”. Strike two zoo plans! I was trying to be cool about it and my father in law says I was pretty nice, but on the inside I was recalculating lunch and nap plans and trying to figure out where we could go to make the kids happy…frantic!

I was out in the front yard when who do I see sneaking up the driveway?  Chelsea!  In from Grapevine! Jill and Chelsea caught my reaction on video...complete SHOCK! (Video here if not shown below.)

It took me a long while to calm down and realize this was really happening! Erin met us at my house and I was then treated to lunch at one of my favorite spots followed by a complete afternoon at the spa and a mini-baby shower.  I couldn't have dreamed it up any better. I have to say, I have never felt so loved and special and lucky. I couldn't believe they were doing all of this...for ME! Catch the other side of the story on Chelsea's blog!

Melts my heart... Plus they are twins!

I have known these girls since the day we stepped foot in the Kappa house almost 12 years ago, eek!  There are seven of us in total, and although not everyone was together this weekend, we were all there in spirit. These are the kind of friends you can call at 2am, no questions asked. Or, the kind of friends you may not talk to for two months when life gets in the way and then be able to pick up right were you left off. These ladies have been with me through it all from wild college nights, bad break-ups, graduation, first job, wedding, and now motherhood. It's a rare and special thing to be this connected to the same girls you had your first college beer with! Here's a little trip down memory lane, if you will...

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  1. You have some very special friends and oh how I love to see you so happy!