Monday, April 29, 2013

Time Out!

Time for a time out revamp! Cooper's time out spot used the be in the nursery, his old room. With baby Charles #2's arrival quickly approaching, I had to come up with an alternate solution. I can't remember where I first saw the idea of a "time out mat", but I think it's so smart. I'm a big fan of keeping things consistent and a time out spot that can travel with you is perfect. Side note: busting this thing out at a restaurant is cringeworthy, but I'm hoping that down the road, the sight of it getting in the car with us will do the trick.

After finding some online for $24 a pop, I decided to make my own. I consulted my friend Taryn, the most creative person I know, on how to go about this. Considering the last time I took on an art project was probably in the 90's, I asked if puff paint was still acceptable. She didn't reply, which I took as a no, but she pointed me in the direction of the 99 cent plastic mats at Target. It's not pretty, but it will do!

And what, might you ask, would send this little angel face to his time out mat? Here's exhibit 89a, cocoa powder in the hair and all over the kitchen after he threw a fit when I wouldn't open it for him! Everyday a new adventure!

Thursday, April 25, 2013

The Story of Us

With our 6th wedding anniversary coming up this weekend, I thought I'd take a minute to tell the story of how we met...

Kyle and I met each other long before we started dating. In the fall of 2003, I was sitting with a friend in the business school at A&M (whoop!) trying to get people to sign up for our sorority charity golf tournament. In walks Kyle, decked out from head to toe in A&M football gear, backwards hat and a huge grin on his face. He knew my friend and immediately starts chatting to both of us, asking us if he could take us to lunch at Cain Hall. For those non-Aggies out there, Cain Hall is student athlete ONLY dining, as if his get-up didn't give him away already. "Ohhh, you're a football player?!" It didn't matter, I was smitten nonetheless and thought he was the most gorgeous guy to walk the A&M campus.  BUT...I had a boyfriend, and when he called my friend later that night to get my phone number she told him the same, in so many words.  As Kyle tells it, she said "I knew you were hitting on her you a**hole, she has a BOYFRIEND."  Ha!

Fast forward a year later to the fall of 2004. Kyle's roommate was attempting to date my roommate and so the boys set out to find a distraction for me so that the lovebirds could have some alone time.  After all, we were senior girls and we wanted nothing more than to karaoke and piano bar every night!  Never mind that I had a different boyfriend at the time...he was in total senior mode as well! (Funny, I hadn't run into Kyle one time during that year which is really weird considering how many friends from school we have in common.)

Enter Kyle, the distraction.  This time he wasn't taking the ol' boyfriend excuse for an answer.  He was a gentleman, but the first time I was left at a date party by my boyfriend, he went in for the kill. A few weeks later we were on our first date, sushi in College Station (questionable food, great date) and we've rarely been separated ever since. We were engaged in 2006, married in 2007 and almost 9 years later with a cat, dog and 2 year old in tow (and one more on the way!), he still gets me every time he wears that backwards hat and big grin.  (Oh, those dimples!)

Happy Anniversary, Schug! 

Sunday, April 21, 2013

Papa's Blog

Kyle and I were fortunate to get away for a long weekend to Sedona for our babymoon / anniversary / "just the two of us" trip this past weekend.  Kyle's Dad (Papa) took care of him while we were away and they clearly had a blast together.  It helps that they share some common interests...mainly ice cream and fishing!

Every night Papa would write us his "low tech blog" as he called it.  It was super cute and I wanted to share some of my favorite excerpts!

Day 1: "A Day with Cooper"

"This morning as I walked into his room when I heard him wake up at 7:30 he greats me with a shy smile behind his binky and says "Papa".  Almost tears from me...

...I observed him a bit at school...he is very happy there.  I watched him singing to himself and just smiling.

We get home and I am putting his ice tray in the freezer.  He looks up and said something and I said "What?" and then plain as it can be he says "ice cream PLEASE". So, after a good scoop of Blue Bell Butter Crunch he was off to his nap knowing he has my number."

Day 2: "Lessons from Papa to Cooper and Cooper to Papa"

"Cooper showed me that if he goes to bed earlier he sleeps later...I will never understand that but thanks Casey 'cause I got to sleep till 7:10!

We both learned that there is more than hardware at the hardware store...jelly beans and animal crackers.

Cooper also showed me he can chase ducks and not ever get tired...he won't tell me what he is going to do if he ever catches one.

I let him know I was the boss and would not let him have "ice cream" after our session at Chick Filet today.  You do it once and it is a tradition for that little Aggie...yesterday was ok but it was just before lunch today.

Had a great nap but cried for the first time in 2 days when he woke up.  I think it was because he saw how windy it was and he thought I would cancel the fishing trip.  Cooper learned Papa does not break a vow.  When I told him we were going fishing he stopped and got the fishing rod. 
Cooper learned that Papa is not a quitter even on a windy, bluebird day.  Cooper learned at Lakeside that Papa cries when he gets happy and that one fish made Papa very happy. "

Day 3: "Interesting Details"

"These might seem like boring details of our day but since I only have 4 days with the little man all the details seem quite interesting to me.

I was wondering if after 2 full days of Papa that Cooper would be getting tired of me...evidently not.  He was up at 6:30 this morning and talking to me as I stumbled into his room with milk and iPad in hand.  After 30 minutes of playing some iPad game I have yet to figure out we get out of his bed.

I needed some coffee and thought it would be fun to let him do the grinding...I did not know that means letting him carry the grinder to the plug.  I will NOT make that mistake again.  Oh the traditions...

...I think every parent and grandparent wants their kids to be nice and share with others but as Uncle Matt and I watched Cooper take a ball away from a kid that was a couple inches taller than him, deep inside I was thinking "way to go".  I don't want him to be a bully but going for something he wants isn't bad opinion.  I did make him give the ball back."

Day 4: The picture blog

We got home before Papa had time to write one for today but we did get this picture of Cooper actually participating at Gymboree!  He usually treats it as free play time, which still does the trick of burning off energy, but not today!

Thanks Papa!  

Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Drink o' the summer

Since I'm sitting out on the wine tastings these days, I won't be sharing my wine picks under $20 this season, boo! (Previous here and here!) Luckily, my trusty sidekick hubs has offered to share his summer drink. Yes, it's practically summer here in Houston so we he has to drink like it is...anything to beat the heat.

Friends, meet the Paloma and say goodbye to your margarita!


1 part Grapefruit juice
1 part Tequila 
Splash of lime, splash of Cointreau 
Agave nectar to taste
Pinch of salt
Top with soda

Stir and enjoy!

Sunday, April 14, 2013

The Sicklies

Last week the boys got the stomach bug. Blech. With the house Cloroxed from top to bottom and the bug two days gone, I am hoping that I am not jinxing myself by writing that we are in the clear. And by we I mean I...taking care of sick boys is enough without getting it yourself! Especially when one of them milks it for all that it's worth. Until his tee time, naturally.

I don't have all complaints. I took this rare instance of stillness to get some good snuggles in and to finally sit down and watch a Disney movie on a Friday afternoon and pretend that's what Cooper told me he wanted to do.

Saturday we stayed cautiously quarantined and spent most of the day barefoot in the backyard. I even changed out of my pjs before noon. Progress.

As it turns out, toddlers and pregnant women share similar tastes in snacks. While I was really wanting an Oreo shake and Cheetos, I went healthier and settled on a banana smoothie with crunched up thin mints and some Trader Joes popcorn. Judge not, I am pregnant and I said healthier with an emphasis on the "ier". Thank you accommodating husband for whipping up this treat.

Here's Cooper admiring my Spring polish..Essie's Mint Candy Apple!

Mommy makes an excellent chair.  As does baby sister.


What day would be complete without a meltdown?  Here's the "Squatting Tripod of Anger", a new addition to the portfolio of poses.

Have a great week, y'all!

Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Things you shouldn't say to a pregnant woman

I am convinced that the sight of a pregnant belly seems to produce the phenomenon of people losing all of their manners and the filter between their brain and their mouth.

I would love to point out the nice things people say daily, but that's just not as fun. So since I've apparently been into lists lately, here are my top 10 things you shouldn't say to a pregnant woman!

NOTE: Most of these are from my first pregnancy so either I haven't yet eclipsed the sun or my stink eye round 1 was highly effective.

  1. "When's your due date? (Glances at belly.) Oh honey, I don't think you will make it that far!" Really? That's a pretty precise medical declaration you have just made just by judging my size! For the record, I went past my due date and had to be induced.
  2. "Are you having twins? Are you sure?" Thank you for commenting, not so subtly, on my circumference. I am 5 feet tall. The only way for this baby to go is out! Not only is this rude, but, statistically, it is safe to assume that most pregnant women are NOT having twins.
  3. "Did you plan this pregnancy?" How to answer? Yes, we've both taken biology classes? No, it was a cool October night and the Aggies were having a great season? Does this even merit a response?
  4. "Sleep now, you'll need it when the baby comes." Is there some sleep deposit bank I'm unaware of where you can sleep now and redeem later?
  5. "Babies change everything." Oh, I see. So they don't come out ready to enjoy bottomless mimosas, hot yoga and 5 course dinners on any given Saturday? Fascinating!
  6. "Should you be dancing this much?" I was asked this at a wedding recently. To my knowledge, no baby has ever been danced out of his mother's womb so yes, pretty sure I'm safe here.
  7. "You are carrying high/low/in your hips/in your butt." Um, thank you?
  8. "Can I touch your belly?" If you know me well enough, you shouldn't have to ask. If you have to ask, you don't know me well enough. I would like to respond: "Sure, but only if I can touch yours!" At least they asked which is better than some.
  9. "Do you have a name for the baby?  Oh, that's too long / trendy / masculine / feminine / I knew a kid named that who was [fill in the blank]." This is the name I have chosen for my child!  If I wanted your opinion, I would have asked you for it!
  10. "You look tired. I bet you're ready for this baby to be here!" I know this is the "polite" way of telling someone they look like s***, but the message translates just the same.

My advice is this: unless a baby's body part is hanging out of a pregnant woman's nether regions, just smile, say congratulations and tell her she looks lovely. Unless of course you like pain. Then refer to 1 through 10 above!

Ahhh, I feel better already!

Hello from baby Charles!

Sunday, April 7, 2013

First World Problems

Inspired by a couple of blogs I follow, Rants from Mommyland and Mommy Shorts, I decided to draft up a list of First World Problems: Cooper Edition. I even submitted a few of these for their posts, but they must have gotten lost in the (e)mail.

So here you go, the things that really spoil his milk:
  1. We had to miss Gymboree today because we went to the zoo, again.
  2. Mom bought the "Grapes Galore" flavor of Annie's Fruit Snacks when I clearly prefer the "Berry Patch" flavor as demonstrated by tantrums in the kitchen and the car last Sunday and Monday, respectively.
  3. My New Balance shoes are getting too small and Mom attempted to replace them with Converse.
  4. Both of my bunny loveys are in the wash so I have to use this monkey one instead.
  5. I have 5 pacifiers in my bed, one of which I have deemed "yucky". This is not going to cut it come bedtime. 
  6. About the same time that I broke Mom's iPad, Dad's ran out of batteries. Or so they said.
  7. All of the naked baby dolls at school were being played with. I had to play with a clothed one.
  8. I like to change the music in the car about once every 10 seconds. Mom only complies with this request about 5 times per car ride.
  9. Green pears, really?!
  10. My naked tush does not slide on my slide.

Thursday, April 4, 2013

The lemon and I

I can honestly say that I have never had a pregnancy craving...until last night! I was chopping dill and  cutting lemons when I had this irresistible urge to eat a lemon! Craving vitamin C? Strange pregnancy taste buds? All I know is it was maybe the best thing I've ever tasted!

In other randomness... Cooper now sings "Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star" his own words, of course!

"Twinkle, twinkle little star. Hi Mama! What you are?" 

Be still my heart.

Even more randomness... Have you guys tried Bloglovin'? You can sign up to follow your favorite blogs all in one place and get notified of new posts in the news feed. There are also free iPhone and Android apps! Come follow me and if you blog, sign up so I can follow you!

Tuesday, April 2, 2013

"Mama, what does ____ say?"

A recurring problem in our house is coming up with an answer to "What does _____ say?"  As brought up by Cooper here, he seems to have entered a phase where he wants to know what everything says, and I mean EVERYTHING.

I've tried to explain to him that only people and animals say things.  But, that's not true because a car says "vroooom" and a horn says "beep".  Then, there are the random animals that we get asked about that I have no clue what they say.  Friends, what exactly does a zebra say? A rhino?  A fish? That's what I thought.  You see, there is no standard rule that will appease an inquiring two year old mind! 

When something doesn't actually make a sound, we try to tell him "it doesn't say anything" but you can only say that 100 so many times a day before you get bored and start getting creative.

For example, did you know a golf club says "whack" and and orange says "eat me"?  Kyle did! And a fishing pole says "fish" in my most whispery voice that had Kyle rolling on the floor laughing.  You'd be surprised what comes out of your mouth when you're tired and not paying attention!

I leave you with this little gem from tonight.  Anyone that can answer this gets some to be determined prize!

Note: He's reading an Olivia book and yes, in an attempt at preventative parenting, he refers to coloring on the walls as simply "bad".  If that doesn't work, there is always Mr. Clean magic erasers!