Thursday, April 25, 2013

The Story of Us

With our 6th wedding anniversary coming up this weekend, I thought I'd take a minute to tell the story of how we met...

Kyle and I met each other long before we started dating. In the fall of 2003, I was sitting with a friend in the business school at A&M (whoop!) trying to get people to sign up for our sorority charity golf tournament. In walks Kyle, decked out from head to toe in A&M football gear, backwards hat and a huge grin on his face. He knew my friend and immediately starts chatting to both of us, asking us if he could take us to lunch at Cain Hall. For those non-Aggies out there, Cain Hall is student athlete ONLY dining, as if his get-up didn't give him away already. "Ohhh, you're a football player?!" It didn't matter, I was smitten nonetheless and thought he was the most gorgeous guy to walk the A&M campus.  BUT...I had a boyfriend, and when he called my friend later that night to get my phone number she told him the same, in so many words.  As Kyle tells it, she said "I knew you were hitting on her you a**hole, she has a BOYFRIEND."  Ha!

Fast forward a year later to the fall of 2004. Kyle's roommate was attempting to date my roommate and so the boys set out to find a distraction for me so that the lovebirds could have some alone time.  After all, we were senior girls and we wanted nothing more than to karaoke and piano bar every night!  Never mind that I had a different boyfriend at the time...he was in total senior mode as well! (Funny, I hadn't run into Kyle one time during that year which is really weird considering how many friends from school we have in common.)

Enter Kyle, the distraction.  This time he wasn't taking the ol' boyfriend excuse for an answer.  He was a gentleman, but the first time I was left at a date party by my boyfriend, he went in for the kill. A few weeks later we were on our first date, sushi in College Station (questionable food, great date) and we've rarely been separated ever since. We were engaged in 2006, married in 2007 and almost 9 years later with a cat, dog and 2 year old in tow (and one more on the way!), he still gets me every time he wears that backwards hat and big grin.  (Oh, those dimples!)

Happy Anniversary, Schug! 


  1. A great story! I also remember the first time I met you and what I asked you..."are you on the Aggie volleyball team?"
    Im so happy you were left at that date party.

  2. Cute!!! Love reading these kinds of stories!!

  3. Happy anniversary, Casey and Kyle!! Love you guys!