Sunday, April 7, 2013

First World Problems

Inspired by a couple of blogs I follow, Rants from Mommyland and Mommy Shorts, I decided to draft up a list of First World Problems: Cooper Edition. I even submitted a few of these for their posts, but they must have gotten lost in the (e)mail.

So here you go, the things that really spoil his milk:
  1. We had to miss Gymboree today because we went to the zoo, again.
  2. Mom bought the "Grapes Galore" flavor of Annie's Fruit Snacks when I clearly prefer the "Berry Patch" flavor as demonstrated by tantrums in the kitchen and the car last Sunday and Monday, respectively.
  3. My New Balance shoes are getting too small and Mom attempted to replace them with Converse.
  4. Both of my bunny loveys are in the wash so I have to use this monkey one instead.
  5. I have 5 pacifiers in my bed, one of which I have deemed "yucky". This is not going to cut it come bedtime. 
  6. About the same time that I broke Mom's iPad, Dad's ran out of batteries. Or so they said.
  7. All of the naked baby dolls at school were being played with. I had to play with a clothed one.
  8. I like to change the music in the car about once every 10 seconds. Mom only complies with this request about 5 times per car ride.
  9. Green pears, really?!
  10. My naked tush does not slide on my slide.


  1. Hey! Two lovey bunnies are a BIG DEAL! I feel his pain.....

    Hope you remember pink and blue lambers :)

    1. EB - YES! Didn't Lambers get left behind at Watercolor once? OR was that a rouse to give them up? Either way..two lovey bunnies are a HUGE DEAL. One will not cut it, neither will the exact same lovey in monkey, dinosaur or duck form!