Friday, July 10, 2015

To Sister on her Birthday...

(Posted a day late but such is life!)

My baby girl is 2! Part of me is rejoicing and part of me is crying on the inside. There is nothing like a kid's birthday to make a mama all weepy!

I have loved watching her grow up this year and really turn into a kid. A kid with a ton of sass and a ton of sweet, too. In fact, most aspects of her little personality are quite a conundrum to me. She is the girliest girly girl that there is but she also loves cars, dirt and scooters. She is FEARLESS, as long as she is within my reach. She is super opinionated and really digs in when she knows what she wants but also is very adaptable and has a "go with the flow" attitude. Maybe her personality is best summed up in a picture. This is her 2nd birthday present from us, a pair of sparkly Elsa flip-flops (that her brother picked out) and a blue scooter just like Cooper's:

That's my girl! I have a feeling I'm not going to have to worry about her not standing up for herself. I also have a feeling that she's going to be able to get her pick of the litter, sorry Daddy!

Happy Birthday, sweet Carrington. At two years old you love: baby dolls, shoes and purses; your white dress with pink polka dots (pictured above...and I do mean love as in obsessed and want to wear it's the only outfit we don't fight about!); reading books to yourself; doing everything with Kona; Elsa (the obsession lives on); jumping on and off the furniture; anything your "Bubba" is doing; speaking in some language we do not yet understand (although we have found that if you just pay attention to the last word you say we can pretty much get the gist!); strawberries, eggs, "I CREAM" and eating only the insides out of snap peas; "booky", which is your word for for milk and books alike; and, having us all wrapped around your little finger!

We love you birthday girl!

What a difference a year makes! Who is this baby?!