Friday, May 8, 2015

Interruptions Away!

Do any of you read Joanna Goddard's blog: "A Cup of Jo"? I kind of adore her. Plus, her boys are the same age as my kids. Plus, she just seems so real and authentic that I pretend we are friends. That's totally not weird, right?!

She recently wrote this post: A Genius Way to Teach Your Child Not to Interrupt. The premise is this:

I was chatting with a friend one day when her 3-year-old son wanted to say something. Instead of interrupting though, he simply placed his hand on her wrist and waited. My friend placed her hand over his to acknowledge him and we continued chatting.
After she had finished what she was saying, she turned to him. I was in awe! So simple. So gentle. So respectful of both the child and the adult. Her son only needed to wait a few seconds for my friend to finish her sentence. Then she gave him her complete attention.
I was torn between really wanting to try this in hopes of cutting out some of the "Mom! Mom! Mom! Mom! Mom! Mom, you're not answering meeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!"s from my life and thinking that this would never work over here at head-strong nation.

A few days later, Joanna got the best of me and we tried this. TOTAL. GAME. CHANGER.
Cooper boy picked this up in less than a day and we all love it. He is so much happier and confident knowing that he can always get my attention if he uses our secret code. He's often so quiet about it that I don't realize what he's doing! I suppose there is a learning curve for the both of us.
Highly recommend!

Thursday, May 7, 2015

Oh, hi there.

Hi there. It's been awhile.

I've been meaning to check-in and document all of our goings on, as evidenced by the little notes in my iPhone notepad about posts I want to write. Most of these will still make the cut like "Cooper's manner book", "I chetch ya and Atchyou, baby" (will explain later) and "Spaghetti Squash Carbonara". Other things I find make me question my own sanity. For instance, "asthma" (no one in our family has asthma) and "trash gifts" somehow seemed noteworthy at some point. I have no words.

Moving on to things more coherent...

My newest and noteworthy news is that my career pendulum has swung yet again! I went from full-time working mom to full-time stay-at-home mom to now dipping my toes back into the work force as a REALTOR. I'm so happy as it seems like the perfect fit for me and allows me the time I need with my family. I've always loved real estate and with my finance background it just made sense. So, while we're at it, be sure to send referrals my way! I'll be the one talking to an inspector while pushing my kid on a swing at the playground...Mom power!

My sweetest first clients, brother and future sister-in-law, Matt and Katie!
Otherwise, our life has just been a whirlwind of kid activities and prepping for summer. We have a smattering of kid activities and a much needed adult beach vacation for our friends' wedding coming up. Cue the backyard sprinkler parties and start pouring margaritas! Summer is my favorite.