Tuesday, June 10, 2014

My Dallas Visit

The strange thing about being in Dallas for my grandmother's funeral was that I had already planned to be there that week. I was going up to visit family and meet new babies…I just ended up doing it in reverse order! It was nice to mix in some fun on the trip, too.

In a truly "life comes full circle moment", the little girls young women that I used to babysit growing up kept my kids for me while I was at the memorial service. This was Cooper's first real babysitting experience because in the past he had either been asleep by the time the sitter came for the night or had been kept by family or our nanny. I decided to  explain the process to him beforehand...kid likes to know what's going on! Also, he is very literal.

Cooper: Are they good babysitters?

Me: Oh yes! Very good!

Cooper: OK! Are they good at standing, too?

I can only imagine that he thought they would literally be sitting on his baby sister! That boy...

I also got to meet this little nugget...Miss Ava! She felt light as a feather compared to Miss Carrington. And I couldn't believe how still and unwiggley she was...how fast we forget! 

After spending time with my family, we headed over to visit my friend Chelsea for a couple of days. As Chelsea put it, it was "the most wonderful kind of chaos and crazy" with a 3 year old, a two year old an (almost) one year old and a two month old. Not to mention two dogs and two husbands who couldn't seem to put down their golf clubs! 

We watched Frozen about 100 times, went to a splash park and stayed up late playing cards.

Frozen has officially taken over my life. Chelsea's too!
Our friends Natalie and David stopped by to see us!

Cooper, Grace and Logan

Our hosts, Chelsea and Nick.

Rook Champions!

Hostess with the mostess...personalized coffee cups awaited our arrival!

Baby Everett and Carrington

Cooper LOVED the splash park!
Checking out the locals...
You know you're loved when the person's whose refrigerator looks like this...

Chelsea's fridge. Clearly Nick loaded those water bottles. LABELS OUT DUDE!
...let's her house look like this for the simple reason that her friends are in town and there was too much laughing and talking going on. I had to take pictures because nobody else would have believed me otherwise!

Chelsea's counter after Hurricane Charles came to town.

Breakfast and card game remnants!
 We had such a great time catching up!

And, to leave you with a chuckle, here's Cooper singing "Let it Go" on the car ride home!

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