Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Life on the top bunk

When Cooper moved into his big boy room we bought him a bunk bed and hid the ladder to the top bunk. I was thinking he could start using it when he was bigger, you know, like 9 or 10. Apparently his Daddy was thinking more like 3, gulp.

For the past 3 weeks or so, the boy has been sleeping on the top bunk and I am a nervous wreck.

When I put him down I tell him, "BE CAREFUL UP HERE! DON'T LEAN OVER THE SIDE! YOU MAKE MOMMY SO NERVOUS!" To which he calmly replies, "You see this right here? [Taps the rail.] That's a rail. You don't fall out with a rail."

So grown up, that one.

The other night, to my relief, he decided that he was going to sleep in the "down bed" as he calls it. I put him down as usual at 8pm. At 9pm I hear him call me. MOM! MOMMMMMMMM! I went running in to find him halfway up the ladder, holding a pillow.

Cooper: Mom, can you help me put this pillow on the "up bed"?

I glance up to realize that he had moved all of his "stuff" (stuffed animals, 9 different items to be exact) to the top bunk.

Me: Buddy, did you climb the ladder and put all of your stuff up here.

Cooper: Mom, I climbed that ladder many, many, many times. I'm a big boy. I'm going to sleep in the "up bed" now.


I didn't know whether to burst out laughing thinking of him working so hard all by himself to transfer all of his stuff to the top or to reprimand him for making all of those ladder trips in the dark. Luckily, Cooper was the first to break the silence!

Cooper: Mom! My pillow?

Who took my 3-year old and replaced him with a 10-year old? I swear this kid grew up overnight!


  1. Laughing so hard at this post. It's so sweet too!!! Man... he really is a KID!

  2. He is so grown up. What happened to that little boy in the crib?
    A great picture of him...what a smile.

  3. What a cutie patootie! Bunk beds are so much fun. And he's right, a rail protects you very well from falling off.