Wednesday, July 2, 2014

Summer Recap

Lately it seems that traveling and long summer days at the pool have edged their way in to every little crevice of my life. Ahh, summer. This sweet little blog has suffered much neglect and is in dire need of an update…as with other things neglected in my life...don't even get me started on my roots!


Sister has been into all things "girl" lately, including brushing her hair. Judging from this mop…

…it is not without merit!

Kyle's grandparents took us down to the Blanco river in the TX hill country at the beginning of June. We spent the weekend fishing, making s'mores and catching fireflies. Good, clean living right there!

Never too early in the morning to make Sangria?

Need. Coffee.

Carrington and Bubby.

My fish was "thisssssss big".

And mine was bigger!

Proud Daddy.

Cooper, Carrington and cousins Russell and Robin.


Poppy has someone to laugh at his jokes now!
A couple of weekends ago Kyle threw me a big 30th birthday bash. Except it wasn't my 30th birthday. Being that I was all of 9 months pregnant last year on my real 30th, I didn't even acknowledge the date. Nor did I talk about it. Nor did I allow anyone to celebrate. Hormones are a special, special thing. Anyway, 30+1 was fantastic and I had a great time out celebrating!

End of the night…whose glasses are these?

In other news…if there is a mess to be made or something to get into, Sister is all over it!

Dishwasher unloading.

Pantry raiding.

Toilet paper unrolling.

Toilet paper unrolling while wearing a swimsuit on her head. That's talent.

Ok, so this wasn't her mess but it seemed the proper category!
 But dang, she is cute!

I just got back from a girls trip to Punta Mita last weekend. I took zero pictures. ZERO. As intended, we were completely off the grid. We ate too much, drank too much and laughed until our sides hurt. There may or may not have been karaoke involved. It was a great weekend away. I stole a picture from Shelby's Instragram just to have proof that it happened!

Abigail, Shelby and me! Viva Mexico!
Lately, Cooper has been telling me "Mommy, I love you all the time." instead of just plain old "I love you." It is the sweetest thing to hear and, unbeknownst to him, the most pure expression of love. I melt every time. Before I left to go on my trip I told him, "I love you all the time too, buddy. I love you when I'm here and I love you when I'm gone." He responded, "Mommy, I do NOT love you when you are gone." Truth be told little man!

A big thank you to the two of you that made it all the way to the end of this very long post. Hi mom! 


  1. Ha! I did! Love the updates! Let's seriously get our tails in gear and get together soon! Swimming??

  2. I did! Love your updates!