Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Rocky Mountain High

Rocky mountain highhhhhhhhhh (high), Colorado.

(Sorry, can't help but sing John Denver when talking Colorado. You're welcome, this will be stuck in your head for the next week!)

Last week we packed up for a trip out to good ol' Colorado to spend some time with friends who were also attempting to beat the summer heat. All Houstonites, this trip had us wondering why in the world we live in Houston. We all had total vacation depression upon returning but I suppose that's the sign of a great trip!

I mean, really?! So beautiful.
Side note…  We totally left Sister at home. I'm hoping this is not something she is in therapy later for later on in life about but let me tell you that she had a better time at home with her grandmother and we had a much easier (can't bring myself to actually type "better") time without her. The joys of traveling solo with a 3 year old is that there is no "gear" to pack. No pack-n-play, no stroller, no diapers, no sippy cups…heaven. We did activities when we wanted, since it was ok to fudge a nap by a few minutes (or 30) and Kyle and I both snoozed on the plane ride home while the boy happily watched a movie. Imagine that!

He even carried his own bag through the airport!

We love you Sis. You'll get there one day!

It was a whirlwind trip and we had a wonderful time! We rode horses, swam (heated pool!!!), had some great dinners, drank AMAZING wine, went on a hike and wrapped up the long weekend with a lights out round of bowling.

There was supposed to be a sweet little 2 year old girl ridging this horse…believe me, I would NOT have chosen jean shorts had I known!

Family pic!

Happy trails to you!

Mini horses!

Daddy/son selfie!

Bananas foster…yum!

The lovebirds!
Our "cautious" first-borns!

Hiking! We were only winded because of the altitude, clearly.
Mountain chicas.

Don't let this pic fool you. We were RESTING, not posing!

I mean, it doesn't get any prettier. Don't mind my tippy toes!

Pre-bowling. Pre- game faces.
You want a piece of this?! HA!

Something to do with Big Lebowski? I'm not sure...

Until next time!!!

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