Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Happy Birthday, sweet Carrington!

I blinked and my baby turned 1. Just the other day I was telling someone I had a 10 month old, only to realize her first birthday was quickly approaching. Today I feel a mix of emotions. I'm sad to be done with all of her tiny baby things but also happy (and accomplished!) to have made it through a year full of sleepless nights, feeding schedules and dirty diapers relatively unscathed!

Happy birthday to my sweet Carrington! Here are a few things I want to remember about her at one year:

She is starting to talk! I thought that since Cooper talked early that she wouldn't say anything until later in the game, especially with how much big brother has to say!  She started with the normal firsts: Dada, Mama, uh-oh and hi. She is very clearly saying Layla (the cat) and also somewhat regularly says cracker, shoes, eyes and "TA-DA"!

She loves pointing out people's facial features, although nose is always the fallback. When in doubt, point at the nose, C!

She loves playing dress-up! She's into cars and dirt and everything Cooper does but I'm amazed at how girly she can be at times. She tries on everyones shoes, attempts to put clothes on herself and crawls around the kitchen toting my purse or beach bag. She gives hugs to her baby dolls and it just about melts my heart every time.

No one can eat anything in front of her without handing out a bite. Girl loves food! She usually eats dinner before us and then demands to be put back in her high chair to sample the flavor of the night. She'll try anything, as long as you let her do it herself…no spoon feeding allowed! Her favorites (of the moment) are chicken, eggs, guacamole and peaches. She doesn't really care for tomatoes…I'm with you, Sister!

Carrington and the California Roll.
For the longest time, she had her two bottom teeth on bottom and then her two fangs/vampire teeth on top. Her front middle teeth are now growing in and I have to admit I'm a little sad to see that gappy grin go!

She is a WILD WOMAN! I find her climbing all sorts of furniture, attempting to go head first into the pool and happily recovering from falls and spills that would have sent her brother into a crying fit for days. Whereas Cooper has always been cautious, Carrington is fearless. Eek.

She has been crawling since 8 months and pulling up and cruising around furniture since she was 9 months. Just this week she started standing unassisted. She stands from this weird bear crawl turned squat position then throws her hands up in the air as she stands and says, "TA-DA"!

She is such a ham. She will do anything to get a smile and knows how to work a crowd. She runs through her routine of tricks (clapping, fist shaking in pretend anger, dancing, etc.) until she gets the attention she wants and then some! She's an "all eyes on me" kind of girl!

She is very friendly and will let anyone hold her. As the mom of the kid who got so upset when he went to school for the first time that he literally got sick, I am amazed to watch her around new people. I dropped her off at the gym nursery the other day for the first time and she didn't even bat an eyelash.

Overall she is a very typical second kid. She is very laid-back and can go with the flow. She is pretty much always happy…a jolly little soul says my friend Taryn. She loves her family. Kyle calls her my "hip-attachment" but she always saves the best smiles and giggles for her Daddy. Anything Cooper does she tries to imitate and thinks everything he does is hysterical….even him walking by and "accidentally" knocking her over will send her into a giggle fit!

We are so blessed to have this sunny little soul in our lives! HAPPIEST OF BIRTHDAYS, SISTER!


  1. Ok, that's it.....I'm bringing her back with me Sunday. She is irresistible!!
    Great pictures.

  2. Happy birthday sweet Carrington! Your Aunt Ab loves you very much!! xo

  3. So sweet. Such a beautiful happy little girl.