Tuesday, July 15, 2014

1st Birthday Celebration!

Every time a kid's birthday rolls around Kyle warns me not to go "overboard". "They'll never remember this." Blah, blah. 

We may not have the same idea of what "toned down" means, given the fact that Miss C had 2 parties, but our birthday style around here is definitely low key!

It's been a tradition on our street as of late that when someone's birthday rolls around we order pizza and let the kids play. So pretty much it's like every other night on our block plus pizza and cake! So on her actual birthday, we rolled Sister's high chair down the driveway and all of the neighbors got to watch her first bite of cake. She was totally unimpressed. Not to say she didn't take the whole thing down, she did, but she just couldn't fathom why everyone was watching her!

A little help from Dad to get things going...

Big brother was quick to assist too!

I think she liked it. Go girl.

"It's my birthday too!"

Baby toes. Just because.

"What's all the fuss?!"

Baby loves babies!

Our across the street neighbors got her a pink Daisy BB gun.

Cooper was disappointed it was not his!


Party number two happened this last weekend. We had family in town plus a few friends that are pretty much family. It takes a village!

Sister and Grandpa getting into some sausage rolls!

Giving Kona some love.

Aunt Holly!

Birthday bum.

Sister took her first steps the day after her birthday. Imagine my surprise when she stood up, clapped for herself and then took 5 steps in front of the whole party!

Loves attention!

So proud!

Once again at cake time it was big brother to the rescue!

Less than impressed this time around!

It was a great birthday (week) around our house!

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  1. So fun! I love the one of you and Kyle kissing her! Her cheeks look very kissable! :)