Sunday, April 21, 2013

Papa's Blog

Kyle and I were fortunate to get away for a long weekend to Sedona for our babymoon / anniversary / "just the two of us" trip this past weekend.  Kyle's Dad (Papa) took care of him while we were away and they clearly had a blast together.  It helps that they share some common interests...mainly ice cream and fishing!

Every night Papa would write us his "low tech blog" as he called it.  It was super cute and I wanted to share some of my favorite excerpts!

Day 1: "A Day with Cooper"

"This morning as I walked into his room when I heard him wake up at 7:30 he greats me with a shy smile behind his binky and says "Papa".  Almost tears from me...

...I observed him a bit at school...he is very happy there.  I watched him singing to himself and just smiling.

We get home and I am putting his ice tray in the freezer.  He looks up and said something and I said "What?" and then plain as it can be he says "ice cream PLEASE". So, after a good scoop of Blue Bell Butter Crunch he was off to his nap knowing he has my number."

Day 2: "Lessons from Papa to Cooper and Cooper to Papa"

"Cooper showed me that if he goes to bed earlier he sleeps later...I will never understand that but thanks Casey 'cause I got to sleep till 7:10!

We both learned that there is more than hardware at the hardware store...jelly beans and animal crackers.

Cooper also showed me he can chase ducks and not ever get tired...he won't tell me what he is going to do if he ever catches one.

I let him know I was the boss and would not let him have "ice cream" after our session at Chick Filet today.  You do it once and it is a tradition for that little Aggie...yesterday was ok but it was just before lunch today.

Had a great nap but cried for the first time in 2 days when he woke up.  I think it was because he saw how windy it was and he thought I would cancel the fishing trip.  Cooper learned Papa does not break a vow.  When I told him we were going fishing he stopped and got the fishing rod. 
Cooper learned that Papa is not a quitter even on a windy, bluebird day.  Cooper learned at Lakeside that Papa cries when he gets happy and that one fish made Papa very happy. "

Day 3: "Interesting Details"

"These might seem like boring details of our day but since I only have 4 days with the little man all the details seem quite interesting to me.

I was wondering if after 2 full days of Papa that Cooper would be getting tired of me...evidently not.  He was up at 6:30 this morning and talking to me as I stumbled into his room with milk and iPad in hand.  After 30 minutes of playing some iPad game I have yet to figure out we get out of his bed.

I needed some coffee and thought it would be fun to let him do the grinding...I did not know that means letting him carry the grinder to the plug.  I will NOT make that mistake again.  Oh the traditions...

...I think every parent and grandparent wants their kids to be nice and share with others but as Uncle Matt and I watched Cooper take a ball away from a kid that was a couple inches taller than him, deep inside I was thinking "way to go".  I don't want him to be a bully but going for something he wants isn't bad opinion.  I did make him give the ball back."

Day 4: The picture blog

We got home before Papa had time to write one for today but we did get this picture of Cooper actually participating at Gymboree!  He usually treats it as free play time, which still does the trick of burning off energy, but not today!

Thanks Papa!  


  1. that was so sweet, yay Papa! (my dad is PaPa too, to Claire)

  2. That's the sweetest! Papa loves cooper so much! The sweetest!!!!