Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Vino for my Amigos, part Fall

Kyle and I are currently on the hunt for a house wine (under $20, of course!) for the Fall! Kyle came home with this little gem the other day for a taste test:

2006 Galante Vineyards Rancho Galante Cabernet Sauvignon

I'm not going to call it "the one", but I'd definitely go out on another date!  It's a fun cab that is bright but with dark fruit flavors.  We had our friend Abigail over to taste test with us during the A&M game last weekend.  While the Aggies nearly gave us all a heart attack (as they always do), we pulled out a win and I suppose I was wrong to hide all sharp objects from Kyle.  Fittingly, Ab concluded that this wine tasted like "winning".  I'll take it!

And speaking of wine, or no more whine to be exact...

After 20 months and Cooper being indifferent to about 20 different "loveys", he has decided on a favorite...the "Angel Dear" bunny.  In my attempt to stock the house, diaper bag and school backpack in the case of an emergency, I stumbled upon this niftily little kit: "A Pair and a Spare".  That is 3 of the "chosen ones" packaged in one box.  Perfect for the emergency spare or stocking your gift closet for baby showers!  Ok, Angel Dear, you win.  You can have my $35 for your clever marketing trickery!  Must. Have. [The Correct.] Lovey.

The happy boy!

Happy [almost] weekend, y'all!


  1. Always a great time with the Charles family!! And yes, the wine was delish!!

  2. Yes both my boys have angel dear loveys - weaveys as Zach calls them :)