Saturday, October 6, 2012

The Farmer's Market

No trip ever goes as planned with a 20 month old.  

Today, we decided to take Cooper to the farmer's market to get breakfast.  I had pictured the three of us strolling around, visiting booths, sampling fruit and eating fresh pastries while watching a live band.  What was I thinking?!  What I got instead was "Hold my coffee while I make sure Cooper doesn't run in the street" and "Please, for the love Cooper, put down that man's tomatoes!  Don't you put that in your mouth! Don't you do it!"  There was more chasing than strolling and more stealing sampling than buying but such is life right now.  Hectic, but fun!

We almost got out unscathed, and Mama got some flowers!

Afterwards, all smiles on the slide!

Thank God for Daddies who are willing to touch bugs!

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  1. Love it! Love you guys! What a lucky little boy! Mimi kisses to all!