Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Tricks and Treats

OK, so maybe we're not there yet on Halloween.  According to Cooper, there were way too many tricks this year.  Costume was not a hit, he didn't know quite what to do for the trick or treating and all of the kids knocking on the door were seriously disturbing his Little Einsteins episode.  M&Ms were a huge hit though!

Trick: Iguana costume, not happy

 He stood motionless and sobbing in the front yard.  Bad parents snapping pics?!

Treat: Mama gave up and went with the monster tee (Compliments of Cita!)

Trick: Trick or treating, you want me to say what?

I love his little bag slung over his shoulder!

 Not so sure what to do...

 Going for the candy before we had even left the premises!

Treat: Back for more!  We have really sweet neighbors!

Mama's treat?  His costume is a size 2-3.  Since it was worn all of 2 minutes, it may make a reappearance!!!

Happy Halloween!


  1. As we Aggies say "wait till next year" Im betting he will get into it. So glad Cita saved the day!

  2. Sad I missed the Cooper boy tonight. Hope that adorable costume makes the rounds again next year!

    1. As long as Aunt LZ approves the re-wear!

  3. Ahhh I feel ya! Last year we went with an Aggie jersey and football pants because Jay wanted no part of a real costume! :)