Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Little Pumpkin Head

I'm baaaaaack!  One broken phone, two cases of the stomach bug, one ear infection, a hellish week at work, Kyle's birthday party and an Aggie loss to LSU and I am oh so glad to be signed on again!  Whew!

We spent the better part of Sunday afternoon carving pumpkins with Papa.  This held Cooper's attention for a good 15 minutes which is quite impressive if your name is not Mickey Mouse!

I love watching Cooper make memories like this.  Flipping through Kyle's old photo albums there is a picture every year of him doing this with his Dad.  And, nobody loves a tradition more than a family full of Aggies, ha!  Here are the pics from the weekend:

Great pumpkin artistry going on here!

Admiring his masterpiece!

Not exactly the face they had planned, but Papa is a good interpreter!

We drew a crowd.

The finished product!

Pumpkin carving crew!

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