Thursday, May 30, 2013

Things are getting REAL!

It’s starting to set in that we will shortly be bringing a new baby home.  Good thing because I less than 5 weeks left!  My doctor keeps asking all sorts of silly questions like: “Are you registered at the hospital?” Um, not yet but I assure you I’m all over it!  “Do you have your carseat ready to go?”  Um, I HAVE a carseat.  In some way, shape or form I’m sure it is “ready to go”!

So much has changed since the first time around with Cooper when I had the nursery done with 10 weeks to go and at this point all of Cooper’s clothes had already been washed...twice.  So far, I have bedding and the nursery is getting painted next week.  Other than that, I really doubt she will care or notice if she has to wear dinosaur PJs from time to time!

Here's a picture of baby girl's bedding!

I guess this is how second children become so laid back.  Maybe this will all change when she’s here but right now I feel like my mantra to her would be: “Welcome to the world sis!  Your brother rules the roost.  Get used to it.  We have!”

Meanwhile the bump continues to grow.  I’m officially DONE buying maternity clothes.  I've moved on to buying bracelets because I know they will fit from one day to the next.   You can fully expect to see me in the same 5 outfits that fit from here on out!

"Baby sister is getting BIGGER and BIGGER!"  Get ready buddy boy!

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  1. Love the bedding! Love how great you look! And love how laid back you are with #2- welcome to the club!!