Sunday, May 19, 2013


It's so hard to get mad at this face. Maybe I'm being scammed but I can't NOT laugh at this devilish grin. He knows he's up to no good.

Here's how I paid for the 10 minutes I took to get ready for work one day last week:

Here's Cooper Boy "helping" us make dinner. Yes, that is the entire contents of my bottom pantry shelf.

Here's Cooper "growing so tall." "I not climbing!"

Last week on the phone with my Mom, he asked her "Where my Daddy?" to which she replied, "Daddy's at work." He told her "No Cita! My Daddy play golf!" Touche, Coop. Touche.


  1. Hahahaha at the last one. I mean..... Man! Man oh man!

    Also cracking up at growing so tall. He's crafty that fella. Such a cute guy! He looks bigger in every picture you post I swear =...(