Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Bein' Green

We LOVE going to the Farmer's Market, but there's only so much shopping going on when you have to chase the world's fastest two year old. We usually come home with a slab of bacon, random fruits and vegetables and something I was forced to buy to remedy Cooper's wandering hands that wreck shop on those poor display tables!

I recently read The Omnivore's Dilemma: A Natural History of Four Meals, holy schmoley. That will make you think twice about where the food you are eating comes from! I'm not a huge stickler, the Coop can get down with some french fries with the best of them! BUT, we cook a lot and given the choice I like to choose local and organic food for all of the feel good reasons plus it tastes better when its fresh. Personally, I'd just rather eat something that has ripened on the vine than plucked green and shipped 1,800 miles to get to me! [Steps off soapbox.]

A friend recently pointed me to Greenling which is a local food delivery service. They basically deliver the Farmer's Market to your front door...free delivery! I've had friends that have done co-op deliveries in the past that ended up with weekly deliveries of 10 heads of lettuce and some fennel.  With Greenling, you can choose a weekly or bi-weekly delivery, OR you can preview the local box and decide if you want to buy it or not, no commitment! I think they serve Houston, DFW and central TX right now so check them out if this resonates with you!

I just got my first box yesterday, here are some of the yummy contents:

This week's box:

The Cooper boy's dinner tonight, Greenling veggies and some salmon!

Love this!


  1. I think that organic mint would turn a Mojito into a healthy drink.

  2. We have been using this for the pre-made meal boxes for my mom. They are awesome!!