Wednesday, August 15, 2012


Kyle's boss once told me about the journal he keeps by his bed.  Every time one of his kids says or does something funny, he writes it down and has done so ever since they were walking and talking.  Now that his kids are older (late elementary or middle school I believe) they love looking through the book and he is still writing!

I thought it was a really great idea so I started my own.  My first entry was from February 2012 when Cooper walked around saying "duck you! duck you!", duck being his favorite word!  Eeek!

At 18 months old, we are definitely having more frequent entries!  This morning's went something like this:

"I was changing your diaper when you squirmed, wiggled away from me and sat up.  I told you that 'kids can't run around with no pants on' and 'look at that naked tush!'  You looked down and in the most adult voice an 18 month old can muster you said, 'Oh no... Oh gosh!'"

Looking forward to sharing more of these "funnies" down the road!


  1. What a great idea! And he sounds SOOO cute (Cooper, not the boss)! We need to have all three of y'all over for dinner!

    1. Well, the boss is kinda cute too! Hope he never sees this! It would be so much fun to catch up and get everyone together!

  2. Hahahaha!!! Love the journal idea!! I might just have to steal! And... you know what would be super cute- if you turned it into a Picasa or Shutterfly book at the end of the year with random pictures.

  3. Love this! I do it as well. I call it: " TREY-ISMS" :)