Thursday, August 9, 2012

A creature of habit!

I'm not an anxious traveler...once I make it to the airport on time that is! However, I have three distinct in-flight items that I do not enjoy anywhere but on a plane!

1. Neon green Wrigley's gum (like my mom used to give me so my ears wouldn't hurt)
2. National Geographic - I have no interest unless I'm flying, then, I can't put it down.
3. Ginger Ale - I never intend to order this but somehow whenever the stewardess comes by that's what comes out of my mouth. What?!

Any other strange in-flight rituals out there?


  1. I am almost the exact same way! I have to have gum (any flavor though), I read whatever is in the pouch in front of me (usually Sky Mall), and I order V8 juice. I NEVER drink V8 when not on a plane, I am not sure I even really like it. But on a plane, I LOVE IT!?! Not sure how that works...

    1. V8! I love it. So strange how that happens.

  2. Snappy Tom bloody Mary mix without the vodka and read every word of the USA Today