Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Football Widow

To all of my fellow football widows...

The time of year when your husband shuts down to the world and there is constantly football on from Thursday night college to NFL Mondays is rapidly approaching.  Ahhhh, football season.  I would be ok if I only had to watch my teams (Aggies, Cowboys and my new addition the Miami Dolphins!... J-Train!), but sadly this isn't the case.  When your husband stays up to watch a 10pm kickoff after he's followed all the games from the East coast to the West coast you know you have a problem.  Thank God A&M didn't move to the Pac-10!

This will be the 9th football season Kyle and I have spent together so at this point I consider myself a seasoned veteran football widow.  I've learned a few things and have come along way from my days of whining and tallying hours spent on football.  You see, after I embraced the passion, things started looking up around here.  The way I see it, season football tickets equate to season tickets to off-Broadway musicals.  Five months of football on TV equates to all the "junk TV" and Terms of Endearment you can possibly watch all spring long.

AND, when your husband comes home with this just in time for the new football season (How convenient...):

You don't get mad.  In fact, you smile imagining all of the wonderful gifts he surely is about to shower you with for no reason.  And no, I am not scared to remedy this situation on my own.  Be afraid, Kyle. Be very afraid! 


  1. Purse time! HOLLA! Will be thrilled to spend many widow Sundays with you and the Cooper...unless his man gene has already kicked in. Guessing a kid photographed INSIDE a helmet in his first 2 weeks will be ahead of his peers!

    1. Holla! OR, the Dads can get some qt baby time in during the games...Mama's out!