Tuesday, August 21, 2012


I've blogged before about how Cooper loves to do all things "boy".  (He May Look LIke His Mama)  His latest craze is anything and everything to do with fishing, which he calls "BISH"!  He has been walking around the house with his fly reel for the past week or so, letting out line and reeling it in.  He used to have his own rod that his Papa gave him, but Daddy accidentally ran it over in the driveway one night!  It was just about the highlight of his life when his Daddy took him to the new fishing store last weekend!

Here he is, "bishing" around the house!

There are multiple generations of men on both sides of the family who I'm sure are taking credit right now for Cooper's love of fishing.  But, for the record, Cooper caught his first fish with his Mama!  Here we are in Jackson when I was 5 months pregnant with Cooper and with our trophy trout!


  1. Must be ESP! I promise today I stopped by Academy and got him another rod. It will be delivered on Friday. I cannot wait to see him bish with it. I do not need to take the credit for the fishing desire but I will surely enjoy the hours on the water with him.
    Great pics o you both!