Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Cooperisms, Third Edition

More Cooperisms for you! And to think, it all started with Man Meat! Here are my previous Cooperism posts if you're just catching up! (Man Meat and other Cooperisms and More Cooperisms)

  • Barnacles - Our sweet nanny, Monica, does most things very, very right. However, on occasion she will put a toy away with its pieces in about 5 different drawers. On discovering this one afternoon, I exclaimed "MONICA" but Cooper thought I said "BARNACLES"! (Thank goodness.) Now, anytime we can't find something he yells "BARNACLES"! Little ears are always listening.

  • Hearing Cita - We talk to my Mom, Cita, when I take Cooper to school. I use my Bluetooth so Cooper can talk to her, too. Now, every time he hears a voice over a loud speaker he thinks it's Cita. i.e. At the grocery store if someone says "Clean-up on aisle 9", Cooper yells "It's Cita!"

  • Let me see your watch - Cooper is very into what time it is although he can not read a watch. He always asks to see our watches and then tells us that it's dinner time, bath time, etc. The other day, Cooper told me "You see that stick moving up and up and up then down and down and down? That means it's my birthday!"

  • Munch kisses - For some reason unbeknownst to us, if you ask Cooper for a kiss he gets about an inch away from your face and says "munch"! I guess it's kind of like the mmmmuah sound?

  • Can I get some upoos, please? - "Upoo" has always been Cooper's word for being picked up. Now that he's older and doesn't get toted around as much, he uses it in a different capacity. And somehow it's a noun. Like when he's trying to reach something on the counter he says, "Mom! Can I get some upoos, please?"

  • The Crank - Cooper calls cranes (as in that machine used to move heavy items) a crank. Every time I can't reach something (often) he says, "Mom! You need a crank?"

Just in case you missed him on Instagram (@ccredfish), here is the full video of Cooper doing "push-ups" last night. This really cracks me up!


  1. I love this! I especially love it since I don't get to see him all that often, I feel like I know him and what he's doing. I was cracking up at "You see that stick moving up and up and up then down and down and down? That means it's my birthday!"