Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Boy Mom Stuff

Cooper boy has recently entered a new phase that has required me  to roll up my boy-mom sleeves for him and catch bugs. Blech.

On Sunday, we were playing outside when Cooper spied a prospective new tenant for the bug hotel and asked me to get it for him. Naturally, I spent the next five minutes coaxing the little guy onto a leaf and then frantically shoving him into the bug catcher.

I asked Cooper what his new roly-poly's name was and he replied "Buggy the Bug". Fitting, especially if you are familiar with Cooper's quite pragmatic approach to naming his stuffed animals (Mr. Bear, Mr. Lovey, Mr. Nother Lovey, etc.)

A few minutes later, Cooper came up to me in a panic to tell me that Buggy the Bug had gotten out. I looked to where he was pointing and saw, to our great luck, that Buggy the Bug had indeed not escaped and there was another roly-poly that needed catching. "Pick it up Mom!" 

Cooper informed me that this new bug was Buggy the Bug's sister. I asked him what this new bug's name was, thinking he might say something sweet like Carrington or Sister Sue, as he lovingly calls his own little sister. Nope!

"Umm, her name is Buggy the Bug, too." Should have known!

Speaking of Sister, here is the full video of her belly-laughing over Cooper's bubble blowing. You know, just in case my 7-second Instagram video just wasn't enough for you! This makes my heart happy!

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