Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Somersaults: The Adult Version (ouch)

When is the last time you did a somersault? For me, I'm guessing its been about 20 years. 

If you plan on getting back into the somersault grove, I would recommend that you pick your poison: head, neck or back. One of these is going to hurt!

A little background Almost every night after dinner we have a "dance party".  (Side note: I keep telling Kyle that if anyone ever bugs our house they're in for a real treat! Weird things. Weird things.)

Anyway, we turn up the tunes and dance around the house. For Cooper, this means bouncing off the furniture, falling to the floor and yelling "WHOA"! That was, of course, until he learned how to somersault

You see, we taught him this nifty trick never thinking he would request us to join in on the fun. A week into this game and Kyle flat out won't participate anymore because of his neck and I must admit to frequenting the google page for "how to do a somersault without hurting yourself".

This is clearly an acrobatic feat meant for children. If you're wondering, you are supposed to tuck your neck and never let your head touch the floor. While this technique totally eliminates head pain, there is practically no way to come down on your neck or back funny. Either I'm that out of shape or the physics just don't work. (I'm sticking to the latter.)


  1. Ha! We have dance parties every night, too! We always say how we hope no one has a hidden camera! :)

  2. This is awesome. As a former gymnastics instructor, I will *try to suggest* that next time you roll, try staying in a ball the whole way through, coming to rest on your butt. Better yet, try to stand up immediately. Don't just roll flat out like Coop! :)