Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Back in the Saddle

And just like that, Cooper is back in the saddle again. The bike saddle, that is.

It only took 4 long weeks of gentle encouragement met by dramatic stubborn refusal. Victory?

Anyway, last week Kyle asked Cooper to show him how to put on a helmet because he didn't know how. Well, my firstborn loves telling people what to do and couldn't pass up the opportunity to show his Dad how to do something. (Won't be the last time, babe.)

"Watch me, Dad. You put the helmet on your head and buckle the strap right here."

And that was that. He wears it non-stop. He puts it on to ride his bike and sometimes even wears it to dinner. Now I suppose the fight will be getting him to take it off! It's always something...

Speaking of Cooper's love of instructing people, the day after he started riding again he was talking to my Mom on the phone and just couldn't help but give her the rundown on bike riding. Clearly she couldn't have known how without him telling her!

"Ok Cita. You put your other foot on the pedal." - I don't know why it's the "other foot" but this is always how he explains it.

"Then, you swing your weg over. You pedal with your feet and you turn the handlebar."

"AND, don't pee pee on any dogs."


Through a fit of laughter, Cita and I asked him to explain. His response?

"That's right. Don't pee pee on any dogs."

No explanation needed. I mean, I guess that's probably a good thing to know?!

This kid.

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