Monday, August 12, 2013

Super Why did we decide this was a good idea?

Last Friday, my friend Taryn and I decided to take our kids to the Houston Children's Museum where the Super Why characters would be there to meet the kiddos.  Did I mention that our kids are two and a half years old and there are three of them?!

(For those of you kidless readers, Super Why is a PBS show about the "super readers" led by the main super hero, Super Whyatt. Totally non-nerdy super heroes that solve problems by reading books. Yeah.)

Thinking that it might be a *little* crowded, we decided to get to the Children's Museum about 15 minutes before it opened to ensure that we got to meet Super Why.  This was the line we met with our "early" arrival.  Sheesh.

Cooper got a lollipop usually reserved for haircuts and doctors visits and we waited...

Once we got inside, we were told that it would be another line and an hour wait to meet Super Why and that they were just about to go on break.  Break?  The museum had only been open for 20 minutes at that point! We decided to just tell the kids that the museum employee dressed as a super hero was actually Super Whyatt. Moms. Of. The. Year. We even let them go watch cartoons in the little movie room! See? Told ya, best moms ever!

Afterwards, the kids ran around and did normal Children's Museum stuff. So, basically, we just took three two year olds to the museum on the most crowded day of the year. Neat.

Look at this face! Mine does NOT pose for pictures like this!

She did not want to take off this mask.  A little creepy!

Cooper kept handing me the phone asking me to "take it off". I realized he has never seen a phone with a cord attached to it before.

Cooper keeps telling everyone about how he saw Super Why and gave him a hug. That's a win in the Mom column!

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