Thursday, August 22, 2013

My shadow.

If you ever find me dead on the floor, it's because I tripped over my dog and cracked my head open.

We got Kona from a friend of a friend who lives in Hawaii. When we first brought her home we considered naming her "Aka" which means shadow in Hawaiian since she was so black.  Now, the name seems more fitting than ever.

Kona is a little bit of a Nervous Nelly.  She thrives on routines and goes so far as to not even let our sweet nanny let her outside during the day.  She sits in her bed patiently all day waiting for her 4:30 dinner to roll around because THAT'S. WHAT. WE. DO.

During my maternity leave, she's gotten more crazy than ever, if that's even possible. She is stuck to my side taking care of "her babies" all day long.  

When Carrington cries, she runs into the nursery because she knows I will either put her down for a nap or feed her. THAT'S. WHAT. WE. DO.

Waiting to feed the baby.
Making sure sister gets fed and put in bed.
When we start Cooper's bath, she runs into his room and jumps at the foot of his bed because she knows bed time is coming. THAT'S. WHAT. WE. DO.

I read the boy a couple of books and as soon as I start sing his lullaby she jumps down and heads to the door and pesters us for the next two hours by going back and forth between our bed and where we usually are in the living room, urging us to come to bed with sad puppy dog eyes. THAT'S. WHAT. WE. DO.

Good thing I have her around during the day or I don't know how anyone in this family would remember to eat or go to sleep! Sweet, neurotic dog.

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  1. Ha! Love THATS.WHAT.WE.DO.

    I feel like she has Asperberger's or Autism.