Monday, August 5, 2013

From the newborn photo shoot: Real life captured

I walked away from our newborn photo session thinking there was no way we got one usable shot.  As it turns out. we got so many beautiful pictures my head is spinning trying to prevent myself from making it on to Hoarders: Family Photo Edition.

Everyone was so out of sorts that day that we only got one tear free sibling picture. It was unreal how out of sync they were; when Cooper was loosing his schmidt, Carrington would sleep like an angel. When Carrington's cries would wake the dead, Cooper would flash his million dollar smile.  But, such is life and that is exactly what is captured in this picture. It is so real and beautiful I'm sure its the one I will cherish forever, binky and iPad included.

And when you need a good announcement shot, thank goodness for photo editing and the ability to splice two pictures together!

I promise to share the lot of them after I get announcements out the door!


  1. Those pictures are beautiful and will become more special in years to come. Guess you are already seeing how fast they grow up.
    Cannot wait to get my copies.

  2. Oh those are just precious!!!