Thursday, August 15, 2013

Newborn 101

(Fist bump.)

Newborns are strange little creatures. It's no wonder I've forgotten certain little intricacies along the way. Carrington is currently schooling me though, not to worry. Here are some I've stumbled upon in my emersion Newborn 101 class:

  • When it comes to driving there are two speeds: 1) 100mph or 2) scream your face off.  There is no in between and you better not take that route with all of the stop lights.
  • There is nothing better to a newborn than pooping in a fresh diaper. It is even better to wait until your silly parents have snapped that last snap on your 100 snap pajamas.
  • If you are a baby that just learned to smile, 3am is the only acceptable time to show off your new talent.
  • Sleep is not a conscious effort. One minute awake, the next "oops, passed out again." I once saw similar things happen at frat parties in college.
  • Newborns have an innate ability of knowing exactly when your warm dinner is on the table. Or, when an important phone call comes in. Or, really anything you need two hands for and some quiet time. That is precisely the time they choose to cry inconsolably. Every time. Just to keep you on your toes!

While not the most flattering picture of either kid, I just wanted to show you how the twin progression continues!  These are from about the same age, nuts right?!


  1. Ahhh! The car thing! I so forgot about the car thing!!! There were times I would run yellow lights because I would rather get a red light ticket than be trapped with a screaming newborn. So crazy you forget.

    Total twinsies, although I think they look more alike in the picture above that of Carrngton.

  2. I would stay up till 3 am to see that smile!
    They do look alike but to me Carrington looks like a girl and Cooper a boy...funny thing.