Thursday, July 18, 2013

Life as he knew it...

Now this is the story all about how
My life got flipped-turned upside down...

Sorry, totally cheesy but I can't stop singing it while writing this post so I'm deeming it appropriate cheese!

I know we're only 9 days in, but going from one kid to two is not nearly as big of an adjustment as going from zero to one.  We're already parents, we're used to having our lives dictated by a tiny person and what's one or twenty more dirty diapers?!

Cooper boy, on the other hand, is adjusting from zero siblings to one so his story is not so peachy at the moment.  He is very sweet to his sister but is hell on us. He absolutely won't let me out of his sight.  I think he's afraid if I go away again I'll come back with another baby.  He also melts down over the tiniest little thing and you never know exactly when or where or why that will be.  What's up one hour crying fit after the photographer moved the couch today?  Let's talk about it.  Wow.

I know that just like with all kid phases he'll get over it soon but this is rough on his Mama.  Half of the time I'm melting down right there with him, danged postpartum hormones. I've got about 10 more weeks of maternity with which to win him over before I go back to work at which time I'm sure he'll be really happy for me to go back! [Sigh.]

What did you do to help your kids adjust to new siblings?

Here's a sweet video of Cooper "playing" with his sister.

Here's one from Carrington last night: "Mom, its 2am.  Are you really trying to wake me up to eat?" Since the Cooper boy demanded to be fed on the hour every hour for about the first six weeks, I'm not quite sure what to make of this!


  1. I still can't get over how tiny she is!! Were the boys *really* that small? (Ok Logan never was but you know what I mean.) Cracking up over the couch! "Don't like where the couch is at in the house?? FIRST. WORLD. PROBLEM." Love you! Hang in there!! In no time at all they'll be grinding your coffee beans and playing in the water hose together.

  2. Oh you're kiddos are gorgeous!! We had a difficult adjustment with Jules also!! He stopped sleeping thru the night, stopped napping during the day and was extremely difficult! Nothing we could do really except give him time to get used to his new sibling! The sleeping at night came back... But the daily naps however have become a rare occurrence. 2 to 3 months in will feel totally different!

  3. I totally agree that going from 0-1 kid was WAY harder! We stocked up on lots of dollar bin things or puzzles, or new little activity-type toys when CK was born. When Jay seemed particularly needy, or bored, or was extra good, I'd just pull one of those bad boys out. We also tried to keep HIS routines as normal as possible so he never thought the baby was turning everything upside down. And last thing- we were always very careful not to put CK's needs first (no saying things like "I can't right now, Jay. Charley needs to be fed." Etc). Oh- and last last thing- I took Jay and did LOTS of one on one things with him in the beginning. Walks with just the two of us, Gymboree outings together, running to the grocery store while daddy watched CK. I know you are doing great- keep it up, Momma!

  4. Zach had a bit of a hard time - he also gave up naps. Loooots of meltdowns. It never seemed to be taken out on Mark really, he was so sweet to his baby :) But not to his mommy ha! We tried to do special things and I felt like I was always setting Mark down. I'd change him and feed him then put him down to play with zach (not sure that's really the best thing but I just didnt know what to do). I think this is a huge lesson for the older child and that they just have to go through it and learn that they aren't the center of the universe. We work on that lesson a lot! Love you! So excited for your family!!