Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Onward and upward!

First, thanks for the sweet notes from the last post Chelsea, Stephanie, Courtney and Liz!  Sometimes you just need to hear it from others that everything you are going through is normal and will get better!  Misery loves company?!

I've been making a better attempt to get out of the house and do more Cooper and Mommy things.  Like on Friday, we went to Starbucks and I got him a donut thinking it would be a great "special treat" for him.  He took about two bites before he handed it back to me and said "I no like this."  I just don't understand his distaste for all things bread-like but I couldn't complain about it with my mouth stuffed full of donut!

Every morning we've been getting out and going to the park while my nanny watches Carrington.  Yes, I realize that staying at home with a nanny is not the real life but I couldn't exactly fire and rehire her when I went back to work, darn the luck...

Here's one of Cooper working on "positive outlets" for his energy, ha!  Today Cooper had his favorite Peine twins over to play.  They still play more around each other than with each other but they all had fun and I have one tired pup on my hands, mission accomplished.

Kyle got out and hit some balls at the driving range on Sunday during Cooper's nap so I had to spend my time on the couch doing this:

Not too shabby!  

Carrington says that there is only room for one Royal Princess to be born in July 2013 so she's quite pleased Kate and William's baby was a boy!

Have a happy week!

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