Monday, July 29, 2013

The stomping one...

I'm writing this post as much for my own documentation along with (hopefully) your entertainment because not even I will believe this down the road!

Again with the vacuum.  If you follow this blog you know how the vacuum plagues our household.  It is one of Cooper boy's greatest joys and absolute greatest frustrations.  We've taken to hiding it from him in ever changing closets because its just not worth it. However, no matter where we hide it, it is never far from his mind!

The other night, Coop woke up screaming having a nightmare about a vacuum.  And, not just any vacuum, a "stomping one".  I know, as if vacuuming wasn't scary enough!  And now we do not hear the end of the STOMPING VACUUM and how its trying to get Cooper.  I have no idea how to remedy this because I have no clue how prove something so vivid to him doesn't exist.  How existential of us, right?! HA!

I just love his little imagination, STOMPING VACUUMS and all!

Meanwhile, in babyland, sister is giving me 4 and sometimes 5 hour stretches of sleep at night...unreal!  We had a doctor's appointment Friday and she is up to 8 lbs so I have no problem letting her try to stretch out that night sleep.  I'm pretty sure Cooper didn't do this until he was four months old!

Sister's umbilical cord fell off today, thank goodness.  Cooper's fell off in the hospital so I have had no idea what to do or how to clean this foreign thing.  It's been a little like a loose tooth to me lately, just dangling by a thread...gag!  What am I gong to do with real loose teeth?!

Have a great week friends and watch out for those STOMPING VACUUMS! Maybe a good excuse to get out of a little housework?!

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  1. Quess Cooper is getting ready for this year's duck season. I bet some day we all will be laughing about the vacuum story, even Cooper.