Thursday, July 5, 2012

There's room enough for two

We are big fans of bedtimes around our house.  Cooper is just not a pleasant person after 8pm and it gives Kyle and me some time together in the evenings to chat about things other than choo choos and bubbles (and of course get our workout in)!  The kid goes to bed like clockwork every night…it’s a beautiful thing!

However, as with most things in life, there are minuses to all of the pluses.  Mainly, without a sitter, we are homebound most evenings.  So, when talks of “where are you watching the fireworks” started circulating at work I naturally started to get a little whiney.  I was especially deterred after talking to one co-worker who was taking her 3 year old and 14 month old boys downtown to watch the show.  More power to her but I imagine I would be the lady getting kicked out because people couldn’t hear the fireworks over my son’s screams!

So naturally, I take my sob story home to Kyle and he almost instantaneously comes up with the creative plan to throw some lawn chairs up on the roof and poach the country club’s fireworks display.  Sneaky and genius!  My two favorite qualities rolled into one.  Besides, who doesn’t need a little redneck in their 4th of July party?!

The set-up:

Enjoying the show!


  1. so clever! Better than our 'watch it on tv from bed' view!

    1. You def had us beat on the mosquito front!