Wednesday, July 25, 2012

The Prisoner

As it turns out, Cooper is not all to blame for his crib escape.  Yes, I was the one that lowered his mattress but apparently it still had room to go down even lower.


As I do with most “man tasks” in our house, I ever so kindly asked Kyle to lower the mattress when Cooper started to pull-up.  It is a vague recollection, but I’m sure that I probably “very sweetly” asked him several more times to handle the task before I rolled up my sleeves and took it on myself.

Two things at work here: 1) I have an independent streak and sometimes I go all “girl power” on Kyle and insist on doing things I probably have no business doing; and, 2) my New Year’s resolution was to speak more nicely to Kyle and decided to quit the nagging.  Seriously.  It sounds ridiculous but I have a bit of a temper and like a 4-year old I am training myself to “use my words” and communicate when I’m angry.  Or “PISSED”, as my college roommates know too well.

Anyway, I called the sweet neighbor girl down to play with the boy while Kyle was playing golf one afternoon.  A few choice words and an couple of sweaty hand wing-nut fumbles later and the task was complete, or so I thought.

I’m sure it won’t be the last bump on the noggin but he is safe and secure now…until the next time…at which point we will go to the big boy bed…which I will NOT be assembling!


  1. Next time.... Just call Papa. I'm always looking for an excuse to be there.

  2. OMG!!! This is Trey's long lost buddy :) Trey was a jailbreaker too...he has always been a climber and still is.

    1. These boys! Will have to get a hold of you the next time he jailbreaks for some big boy bed advice!