Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Winner Winner Chicken Dinner

Seeing as we don't get many chilly comfort food days in Houston, I took the opportunity of a rainstorm and a friend with a new baby to fire up the oven in July and make one of my favorite meals.  I stole the recipe from Kyle, he borrowed it from Thomas Keller. Semantics.  This chicken is so good you will claim it as your own, too!

The secret to a good roast chicken is to let it sit, unwrapped, in the refrigerator overnight before you roast.  That way, the skin dries out a bit and you end up with this really crunchy chicken skin wrapper that holds in all of the juices.  Mmmm boy. 

To prepare your bird, season the cavity generously with salt, pepper and smashed garlic cloves.  Massage the outside with a little oil, salt, pepper, thyme and garlic powder.  Pick any root vegetables you like and toss them in oil, salt, pepper and some smashed garlic cloves.  Throw your veggies in a cast iron and make a little hole in the middle to put your chicken.  Roast at 475 degrees for 20 minutes, then lower the oven to 400 degrees and roast for another 45 minutes (or 160 degree internal temperature).  


And if that picture doesn't make your mouth water try this, ha!  I'm sorry, can't help myself.  There is nothing cuter than baby butt and I couldn't figure out how to incorporate!


  1. CUTEST CRACK EVER!! Love that Cooper boy!

  2. Chicken looks & sounds delicious! And any topic is a perfect segue to Cooper! Just ask his Papa...