Monday, July 9, 2012

My how times have changed

Motherhood is one of those things that kind of sneaks up on you.  When I first had Cooper, I didn’t automatically feel any different than I did the day before.  I just had a new “boss” that was 6lbs 8ozs and VERY DEMANDING!  However, conversations such as the one between Kyle and me in my kitchen the other day let me know that I have officially arrived.

The scene: I am still in my heels from work cooking dinner while Cooper is at my feet, also cooking dinner, and Kyle is entertaining the both of us.

K: I think that website we were looking at earlier was a bunch of knock-offs.

C: Fake Thomas-es?... {Thinking to myself: “Hmmm, those Thomas the Tank Engines were a little janky.  Who would post fake Thomas on YouTube?  I bet there are copyright issues.”}

K: Thomas?

C: Thomas the Train?

K: I was talking about the Ferragamo loafers we were looking at earlier.

C: Oh, right.  That’s what I meant.

WOW.  Motherhood has reduced me to talking about a children’s show while my husband attempts to discuss designer shoes?!  Sheesh.  Let’s not mention that all day at work I am singing “They're two they're four theyre six they're eight. Shunting trucks and hauling freight…”  What can I do?  The boy loves his “choo choo”!

Oh well.  At least I get a cute little sous-chef out of the whole thing!  Yes, hot sauce, bread crumbs and birthday candles are quite palatable when served from this little one!


  1. gosh! he is just adorable! he could just be sitting in a chair - and it would be the cutest kid sitting in a chair EVER!

  2. He looks so cute squatting and preparing the meal. Not only adorable but thereis so much he thinks about...he will be smart like his Mom and Dad.

    1. Papa figured out how to comment, yea! He will be a good breakfast helper with you!

  3. Awesome! When my kids help cook they end up full from all the taste-testing.

    p.s. Cooper's cousins want to give him all their Thomas the train cars and tracks. They have loved them for so long, but it's been a while since they have set it all up. Toot-toot!

    1. Ha! Noted. We will stick to pretend food!