Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Baby we can work it out!

About 6 months after Cooper was born, Kyle and I were dying to get back into a work-out routine but we struggled on how to make it work.  Long gone were the days of "I'm going to catch a spin class after work, see you at home with take-out!"  Hello to "If I walk up and down the street with a crying baby 20 times does that count?" and "YOUR turn to go to the store after work for miscellaneous baby item a, b or c!"

Problem:  When could we find time to work-out?  Before work was out of the question.  Kyle leaves the house around 6:15am and I'm tending to Cooper some days by 5:30am.  After work and before Cooper's bedtime is the precious 1.5-2 hours I get with the little man every day.  Out on that too.  We considered joining a gym and trading off nights after we but Cooper down but then when would we see each other?  How do two working parents squeeze in work-outs and still have family time and couple time?  

Solution: Kyle-90x.  The garage work-out instructed by none other than Kyle Charles.  That's the former collegiate athlete in him.  My contribution?  Work-out jams with rap music so ghetto it will make yo' Mama blush.  That's the former East Dallas girl in me!

The selling points:
  • It's quick and efficient.  In 30 minutes or less, we accomplish both cardio and strength training. 
  • We get our family time in.  After work and before Cooper goes to bed we unplug, eat dinner together and enjoy our little guy.
  • We spend time together.  Nothing like sweating it out with your main man!  There are some words of encouragement, a few grumbles and every so often the "You want me to do what?  You are out of your #*%&@  mind!"
  • You don't need a lot of equipment.  We've pieced it together here and there but the basics are weights, resistance bands and jump ropes.  Oh, and a car battery to hold down your battle ropes!
  • It's sustainable.  We've been doing this for 10 months now.  It's not some over-the-top routine that you want to quit after 1 month.  It fits our lives and our time budget.
  • The neighbors love it.  Highly entertaining to those around us.  Especially those drinking Dos XX in their front yard watching us go.  You know who you are. 
  • It works.  Baby weight gone. Enough said!
The plan:
  1. Cardio warm-up.  One person goes on a quick run while the other jumps rope or other cardio activity (with an eye on the baby monitor, of course).  Switch!  I try to convince Kyle hula-hooping is cardio just like he tries to convince me practicing his golf swing is.  Not buying it!
  2. Circuit training.  Four sets of five high intensity exercises.  You go as hard as you can for 30 seconds, take a 30 second break and then move on to the next exercise.  An example would be four sets of: 1) squats 2) push-ups 3) box jumps 4) biceps and 5) shoulder presses.  

 Kyle obliged me with an action shot of the box jump!

How do you other busy people out there get it done?

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