Saturday, June 23, 2012

Kyle's blog

When I started this blog, Kyle (in his ever not-so-subtle way) told me “That’s great!  Now everyone that has always wanted to know what you do every minute of the day will finally be in the know!”  Ego = checked, but I didn’t let it stop me!

A mere two weeks down the road I am rather tickled at Kyle’s ever-increasing interest in the blog.  I get emails at work asking me for a list of upcoming blog topics.  Before he takes a bite of his dinner he pauses and asks “Are you going to blog this?”  And then the other day, this stack of his homegrown tomatoes neatly appeared in the exact perfectly lit place where I take all of my pictures.

When questioned, he simply said “You should blog my tomatoes.”  When further questioned about what I should say about them he said “Show people how beautiful they are and tell them about how I turned a little patch of backyard into an organic garden.”

Welp, there you go honey.  Tomatoes are blogged and your secret love affair with Cheeseburgers on China is out!  (More on the garden later, it is a labor of love and we all love it!)

Happy weekend to all!

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