Sunday, June 10, 2012

Everybody's working for the weekend

It's so cliche but we LIVE for the weekend in my house.  Some of the best weekends are planned around meals and good friends.  ALL of the best weekends involve big breakfasts.  We are huge breakfast people.  So much so that, when in town, breakfasts are planned to the last detail days in advance.  See Exhibit A: an email from Kyle Thursday afternoon...

From: Charles, Kyle 
To: Charles, Casey
Sent: Thu Jun 07 15:06:40 2012
Subject: Weekend checklist 

1. Sleep in
2. Eat sloppy breakfast sandwich
3. Drink margaritas and wine
4. Dinner with the Zorichs

Point #1 is well taken but with a 16 month old this is usually wishful thinking.  Point #2 we mastered on Saturday morning and this morning we moved on to waffles, Kyle's favorite. While we tend to use boxed waffle mix I assure you this is no low rent affair!  We found the greatest waffle mix at HEB and also Gucci it up a bit.  A splash of vanilla and some citrus zest go a long way (we used grapefruit today but lemon and orange are great too).

Top that off with great bacon and we are good to go!  We have found that good bacon really is worth the extra $.  Last year for Christmas Kyle researched where the "happiest pigs in the U.S." were raised and had bacon from Iowa delivered in dry ice to our front door!  Today we went with Apple Smoked Uncured bacon from Central Market.  Delish! 

Cooper got in on the action too!

Afterwards, a little shirtless Swiffering.  He is going to be the man of some girl's dreams!!! What a hunk!

I want to know...What are your favorite weekend breakfasts???

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  1. Okay we are huge breakfast fans too!! Well maybe just ALL food in general actually :/ Waffles are my fave, omelets Nick's. During the week I usually do something quick; make a smoothie or eat cereal or Greek yogurt.

    That's funny you mentioned the bacon thing. I've never noticed it before but my dad shipped us bacon from this place in Kremlin, CO and it was seriously so good! We just ordered more of the apple smoked.