Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Sleep training: Part 2

Before I get into the details of last night, let me tell you about what happened at 7:15 this morning…

I woke up.

I woke up because I was ready and my eyes opened. Nobody was calling me (yet). There was no one to feed (besides the dog). AND. IT. WAS. GLORIOUS.

Last night was a better night than the first. Thank goodness or it would have been really easy to scrap this whole plan!

Here are my notes:

7:15pm - Bath and then bed. She babbled for a couple of minutes then went right to sleep.

10:30pm - Dreamfeed. She ate well and stayed fast asleep. Yesssss.

3:10am - Happy dance because I had been asleep over four hours at this point! As it was before my 4am "goal time" to feed her, I replaced her pacifier, stroked her hair and walked back out.

3:25am - Still crying. I stuck with the plan. Replaced her pacifier (which she was angrily shaking at me in her balled up fist, or so my perception led me to believe), stroked her hair and walked out.

3:30am - Silence. Yes, that's right. Silence after only 20 minutes. It was a beautiful thing.

4:50am - I got up to feed her. I will admit that there was some crying/talking between 3:30am and 4:50am but it never lasted more than a few minutes before she was quiet again…except for that dream I had about a crying Carrington which may or may not have actually happened!

7:20am - Up for the day and happy like always!

I know we are not "there" yet, but I'm encouraged by a better night! Keep it coming sister!

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