Tuesday, December 10, 2013

This is how I know I'm losing it.

Sometimes I feel like my life is going by at 100mph and I’m sitting here running at 90mph; not fast enough to catch up but just fast enough to see everything flying by!

One thing that is definitely not catching up lately is my brain. The following are things that have actually happened in the past week. Oy.

  1. I dropped my breast pump off at the dry cleaner instead of the dry cleaning bag. No joke. I was flagged down in the parking lot by a very confused gentelman where I made the appropriate trade.
  2. I run errands in my dreams. All night I dream about my to-do list, so much so that I wake up the next morning really having to think if I’ve actually accomplished something from my list.
  3. While making Cooper’s breakfast, I cracked the egg and put the shell in the pan and the egg in the trash. Twice in a row.
  4. I called my Mom to ask her if she could pick something up for me at Target for our upcoming Dallas trip and three telephone rings later I had already forgotten what that thing was.
  5. I have 79 emails in draft form that need to go out. 79. That doesn’t even make sense.

A sign I have too much going on? I sign I'm losing my mind? Who knows. But just so we are all on the same page in 30 years…

Dear Cooper and Carrington,

I know you think I'm crazy and it's time to cart me off to the old folks home but please know I've always been like this. I'm pretty sure it's your fault. I still love you.



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  1. breast pump at the dry cleaners!!! bahahha! That's the funniest thing I've heard in a long time. Love you!!! It will pass? ha.