Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Happy Birthday, Hanukkah!

Tonight rounded out the last of Hanukkah. I was excited to see if Cooper would get it this year and he did not disappoint! 

Here are some highlights from our eight crazy nights!

The first night we lit candles Cooper exclaimed “Happy Birthday, Hanukkah!” I get it. You’ve got candles and presents. Replace the Hanukkah prayer with singing “Happy Birthday” and you’re there!

He got to spend night 4 with his cousins. I’ve never seen three kids open presents faster. And then they only wanted to play with each others' toys. Go figure.

On the 6th night, I was working late and Kyle was trying to do his best to hold him off from opening presents until I got home. Cooper told him, “Daddy, I have an idea. I’ll get the candles. You wite them. Then, we’ll do Hanukkah!” I swear, that boy came out sneaky!

Tonight was something else though. A couple of months ago I accidentally ran over his "woo hoop" (hula hoop) that was left in the driveway. I thought it would be a great idea to get him a new one. Apparently, it was the WRONG COLOR! First world problem if I've ever seen one! The office toy drive just got a new donation tonight!

To top it off, poor boy has to wait a whole 21 days to celebrate Christmas with me. And then a whole month until his birthday. Rough life, kid.

Happy Hanukkah to all! It was a great one and all of us (except for Cooper) are feeling blessed!

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  1. BAHAHAHAHA!!!!! My favorite part is at the beginning when he picks it up and chunks it out in the hall way. Can't even stand the sight of it!