Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Happy Thanksgivingkkah!

Tomorrow night marks the first night of Hanukkah. I hear this is the only year in our lifetime that the two will happen together. So in our house, we will literally be celebrating the holidays for the next month. Our Chirstmukkah has turned into Thanksgivingkkuh plus Christmas!

And, on the note of celebrating every holiday in the book, we started "Elf on a Shelf" last night. Cooper named his elf Bama, hopefully not as in "Alabama" but we'll let it slide. I'm thinking he may still be a little young to understand what's going on. He told me that Bama was going to tell Santa that Cooper was a happy boy, not a good boy. HA! Well, sometimes this rings very true, especially when it comes to mud puddles...

The adults around here have also been getting into the holiday spirit. It's been so cold and rainy we've been lighting a fire in the fireplace at night and drinking egg nog. Oh, how I missed egg nog last year when I was pregnant! Kyle usually fixes our drinks and picks out a show for us to veg out to in our kid free time before bed. Last night I walked in the living room and he handed me a drink and said:

"I'm torn between Monday night football and Fashion Police, AMA special."

I died laughing. I can't think of a statement that personifies my husband any better. He is the most stylish manly man I know. To further the point, he went out last weekend to Home Depot and Target for light covers and other things around the house he was fixing. He came home with all of his stuff in addition to a pair of "cool leggings" for me. Love him.

I have to take a minute from the cuteness to brag on Kyle a little bit…

A couple of weeks ago and totally out of the blue, Kyle decided that he would like to help families in need this season. He contacted the principal at our local high school and arranged to provide Thanksgiving dinner to four families that otherwise couldn't provide this for themselves. He made his drop off this morning and I've been gushing about it all day. Not only did he do a kind deed for some families in need but I couldn't dream up a better role model for our kids. This makes my heart happy.

Happy Thanksgiving, Hanukkah and kick off to the holiday season!


  1. Kyle
    As usual, you make your Father so proud of you.

  2. Awww what a great guy! And the statement on being torn on what to watch sounds verrrry familiar :)