Monday, November 4, 2013

The Shiksa goes to Parent Teacher Conferences

Last week, Kyle and I went to Cooper's Parent Teacher Conference. It was good to get some idea of how he's doing, share some laughs over his antics and learn that he saves all of his bad behavior for us at home. Good job buddy?

Anyway, at one point in the discussion, his teachers were showing us the things he likes to play with in the classroom. They were mostly things that he also plays with at home (blocks, paint, puzzles, etc.) but also mentioned him really liking a pair of binoculars. 

Then I blurted out, "Oh, he loves binoculars! He actually still plays with the pair that he made in class at the beginning of the year!"

(Remember, Cooper goes to school at a Synagogue...)

Teacher: "Oh! (Nervous laughter.) Actually, those aren't binoculars, that's the Torah. If you open up the scroll you will see a little blessing on the inside."

Oops. I'm sure the holy book gets mistaken for binoculars all the time!  I made some blubbering comment about being a Shiksa but I'm not sure that they heard it over the loud sound of Kyle's palm hitting his forehead from across the table!

In my defense, he really does like his Torah binoculars, even if he didn't grasp the lesson!

One lesson at school he did grasp is the "Unicorn Song" and how to put your horn up. See?!

I'm a unicorn!
At least there's that!


  1. I found your blog by clicking through another blog some time ago. I had to comment on this because it cracks me up...I'm Jewish, my husband is not, and our 2.5 year old goes to a synagogue for preschool here in Houston. After all, they are the "best" right? We actually live in Meyerland, so the school is super convenient anyway. Wondering if even they go to the same school, because we also had conferences last week. Such a funny story. Your husband is lucky, though, that you are such a good sport!


  2. That is so funny! Would love to hear his teacher telling her husband "would not believe what happened at school today"

  3. How adorable. I teach Sunday School at our Temple, and I'm so sure my Kindergartners "get it". I hope they all have beautiful, smart, funny parents like you two.
    Love, Lana