Thursday, November 7, 2013

What little boys are made of...

According to the nursery rhyme, little boys are made of "snips and snails and puppy dog tails." Thanks to Google I now know that snips are (in context of this nursery rhyme): odds and ends that little boys collect. Judging from the amount of rocks and acorns I find in Cooper's pockets, I'd say this is pretty accurate.

On that note, I am becoming increasingly aware of the boy's obsessions that are completely foreign to me. Dirt is one of them.

And again with the weenus...

Cooper continues to show his concern over my lack of a weenus. This is how conversations around this topic are currently playing out:

Cooper: Cooper has a weenus. Mommy has no weenus, right?

Me: That's right.

C: You can get one, Mom. You can get one at the Weenus Store.

Me: (Because I'm curious..) Where is the Weenus Store?

C: Far, far away.

Such a man. Life without a weenus is apparently not ideal from a two year old boy's perspective! Should I be concerned that he has already caught on to "shopping" and thinks you can get whatever your heart desires at the store?

Also, he's very proud of his skinned knees. If you ask him what happened to his knees, he'll tell you, "they broked".

Here are some pics of the boy's other manly obsessions which are pretty much anything his Dad does. I fear I'm losing another one to that little white ball!

At least I have this one!

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  1. Ah the little white ball. Yep, pretty sure it will lure mine away as well. C is getting SO big but those rolls are still there. Heart Heart Heart!